Keeping Taps & Lines Clean


Beer-spoiling bacteria will ruin a beer’s flavor and aroma, and will inevitably lead to lost business and potential sales. When draught beer systems are not properly cleaned, anaerobic and aerobic micro-organisms like lactobacillus, pediococcus, pectinatus, and acetobacter will begin growing in beer lines and associated equipment. 

Our three-step process will help you maintain your draught system and pour trouble-free high-quality beer. 

Flushing the lines

Step 1: Flush The Lines

The BrewTru line cleaning process begins by flushing out beer from within your keg lines. We do this by pushing clean water through your lines and opening up the tap on the service side. 

Removing beer from the lines will ensure the chemicals will be able to contact the surface of your lines and clean the residue that remains.

Step 2: Chemical Treatment

Next, we introduce the chemicals into the lines. The chemicals won’t remain in the line, but instead will circulate back and forth. The circulation process runs for about 10-15 minutes and depends on the length of the line being cleaned.

During the cleaning process, we manually clean faucets and inspect couplers for visible build-up and deterioration. 

Photo Feb 07, 12 26 46 PM.jpg

Photo Feb 07, 12 39 32 PM.jpg

Step 3: Final Flush

After the chemical solution has destroyed all of the bacteria and build up in the lines, we flush the lines with water again. When the flush is complete, we use a pH tester to ensure no chemicals remain. We do not stop flushing the taps until a neutral pH balance is reached.

Once the lines are properly cleared of the cleaning solution, we reattach your keg lines and run beer through the taps until all water has been eliminated.

BrewTru does an exceptional job of cleaning and maintaining draft lines.

Not only does BrewTru service our taproom, they also clean our draft lines at bars and restaurants in the OKC area. The BrewTru staff takes great care in the work that they do. BrewTru uses the best components, they take the time to educate their customers and demonstrate the importance of regular cleaning. They are consistent, timely and go above and beyond. Communication with Joe and the BrewTru team is easy and they are on top of every task they are given. I highly recommend using BrewTru for draft system maintenance and line cleaning.
— Adrienne Jaskula, Stonecloud Brewing Company